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The good thing about digital marketing is that it is an open playing field for anyone and everyone who wants to jump into it. While profitable companies and corporations are known to go online to create brand awareness and grow their companies, nonprofits are welcome as well!

However, it’s important to note that strategies that work well for profitable companies don’t necessarily work well for non-profit organizations, too. Due to the nature of the group and its corresponding goals, nonprofits must take the steps that are appropriate for their organization.

On that note, we’ll be going through three of the many effective tips in crafting an effective SEO strategy for nonprofits in the sections below. Search engine optimization is a great way to make your cause visible online, but you’ll have to tackle it a little differently to succeed!  

1. Figure Out Which High-intent Keywords to Target

One of the primary goals of an SEO strategy is to make you perform higher in search results so that people will get to know you and what you do. While it’s good to attract people interested in learning more about your cause, you will be able to generate better results if you focus your efforts on targeting high-intent keywords.

In the simplest sense, these are keywords people use, which signal a higher possibility of taking a particular action. These include your brand name, your location or service area, appointment questions, and so on.

Compared to your usual set of keywords, high-intent keywords are not searched often. Nevertheless, they can bring qualified visitors to your website—those who are likely to contribute to your organization’s goals.  

2. Publish Data-Based Content

As a non-profit organization, it’s highly likely that you have access to various insightful stats and data about your cause. You should make the most of this resource by crafting and publishing data-based content on your website.

There are various forms you can explore. You can publish them in a blog article format or put them together in eye-catching infographics.

Moreover, you can put together a small team that will brainstorm on your site’s content. They must organize the data and figures comprehensively so that your donors, supporters, and visitors can easily understand them.

When you’ve published and optimized your content, you can take it a step further by promoting it to other website owners. Some well-meaning bloggers and companies will be willing to share your piece to help raise awareness for your organization.

3. Always Try Something New

The only constant thing in the world is change. The same holds true for marketing and SEO. Considering this, you must learn how to innovate your tactics and try something new once in a while.

However, you must always refer to your previous performance before making any changes. Follow the tips we shared above, see what works for you, and record every important factor and achievement. These performance metrics will give you an idea of what strategies to keep, improve, or remove.

Finally, always remember never to settle. Celebrate your wins, and then get back to work the next day to see what else you can do to improve your results!


There’s no limit when it comes to promoting your non-profit organization with SEO. However, you have to do things differently to make the most of the platform and encourage people to contribute to your goals. That said, we hope the three tips we shared above gave you both the idea and inspiration to get started.

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