3 Web Design Errors That Are Hindering Your Conversion Rates

When it comes to digital marketing, a buzzword that comes about in many business owners’ and advertisers’ minds is conversions .

As opposed to many field-specific ideas that fill the world of online promotion today, conversions follow a greater range of applicability where they’re sought-after no matter what strategy is used. Now, while each type of marketing benefits from the idea of converting, none are as moved as the aspect of web design . This is especially applicable when it comes to the mistakes that need to be avoided during the design process.

The link between web design and conversion

Whenever it comes to the link between web designs and conversions, the best answer can be found in the fact that buyers make their purchasing decisions on a website.

While they may learn about a product through a social media post, any consumer will eventually make their purchase on a website, which is why it’s always considered as the end of the funnel. The only aspect more important than making the best choices is avoiding potential mistakes along the way because of how bad they can hurt a string of efforts and prevent potential sales!

In this article, we will share three web design mistakes that are unprofitable for your conversion rates:

Mistake #1: Overlooking the need for a responsive website

One of the most common mistakes that hinder websites for making more conversions as they should is that the professionals behind them fail to consider its responsiveness.

With more and more users relying on their smartphones when making purchases to cater to their every want and need, it has become imperative to make web designs mobile-friendly. Although it may not seem like such a big deal at first, overlooking the need for responsiveness can rob your website and business many conversions that are bound to become disgruntled smartphone users instead.

Mistake #2: Using content that’s too hard to comprehend

No matter how much effort you drown into drafting your web design copy, a truth that’s vital to keep in mind is that visitors and potential customers won’t read every block of text, especially if everything’s too long!

Instead of overwhelming visitors with texts that are hard to understand, opting for shorter lines that are simple and direct is bound to make a greater contribution to sales over time. For instance, keeping a one-to-two-line rule on your content while incorporating meaningful CTAs that direct users to what they’re looking for makes it far easier to keep your efforts successful!

Mistake #3: Utilizing low-quality images

Out of all the common flaws that many faulty web designs share, there’s no mistake that could possibly hinder conversions and sales more than the use of poor or low-quality images.

Despite all the efforts and arguments that you could possibly bring up to justify this mistake, low-quality images will merely rob your business of valuable opportunities to convert. If you aren’t the best photographer or don’t have the money to hire one yet, then you can even opt for stock images that will give your business a sense of needed professionalism!


During the process of turning your website into a high-converting, it’s vital that you keep an eye out for potential mistakes that need to be avoided. While there may be many more out there as consumer preferences and industries change over time, keeping track of the three mentioned above will help with putting your best foot forward and staying one step ahead of them!

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