4 Design Tips for Building Your Law Firm Website - Our Guide

It's not uncommon for law firms to build their website nowadays. Law firms benefit from having a website, and it significantly improves their visibility. As such, many lawyers and attorneys are starting to see the advantage of building a website and investing time, money, and effort in making it perform well and responsively.

Website-building is highly reliant on design. If the design is clunky and hard to navigate, visitors will likely click away, which means they absorb less information about the firm. For that reason, law firms need to put more focus on their web design.

Here are four design tips that will make your law firm website achieve topnotch quality:

Don't overlook responsiveness

One of the things that can make or break a website is responsiveness. If your website shows fast loading times, gives quick results, and has a smooth UI, visitors will not feel any frustration and annoyance when navigating your website.

As a law firm, you want to show your clients that you try to understand things from their perspective. By giving them a fast and reliable informational website, you're essentially telling them that you're willing to give them the service that they will appreciate.

Optimize your website

Your website needs to be optimized for search engines. Doing so will give you the advantage over competitors, especially if search engines are showing your site on the first page of search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) increases your site's ability to gain organic traffic.

As much as possible, you want to focus on acquiring visitors organically as it will show users that your website is gaining traction for a reason. By optimizing your website, you're improving not only your visibility but your conversion rate as well.

Don't complicate forms

Although the law can get complicated, you want to avoid making your clients feel overwhelmed just for filling up online forms that are meant to get in touch. Do not scare your clients with extremely complex and complicated forms.

Remember, you want your customers to trust you with the convoluted processes and requirements involved in terms of the law. As such, you want to ask for easy yet important information about the client first. Once they give you this information, that's a sign that they want to entrust you with their situation and that you can call them back. Once you're on the phone with them, you can finally begin talking about the processes.

Display achievements and testimonials in your website

You'll gain clients by showing them that you're trustworthy. You also want to show them you have what it takes to handle their cases. By showing achievement badges and testimonials from previous clients on your website, you're increasing the chances of potential customers consulting you and availing your services.

With just a simple addition of previous work experience, you can attract more clients to trust you with their legal problems.


Most people believe that web design is filled with technicalities, which is not entirely true.

The most important part of building a website is user experience. As public servants, law firms can easily benefit from showing the users—who are also potential clients—that they care about user experience and not just marketing.

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