5 Must-Have Features for Your Nonprofit Website to Succeed

Just like profitable companies and businesses, non-profit organizations also need websites to keep the membership growing and the donations flowing. These are where institutions can communicate their stories and values, helping push donors to contribute to their cause even further.

Unfortunately, not all non-profit websites are able to achieve success when it comes to telling compelling stories that effectively convince potential benefactors to support the organization. Again, just like with profitable companies and businesses, nonprofits must also make their website shine and stand out to gather the support they need successfully.

If your website doesn’t seem to be doing its magic, maybe it’s missing key features, such as the following:

1. Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play an essential role in keeping your nonprofit up and running, so it only makes sense that this gets a spot on your website.

As you create a page that’s solely for volunteerism, it’s a smart idea to update the list of opportunities on your website, at least every month. Ensure that there’s enough information about these posts so that visitors can get a clear idea of what it’s going to be about just by reading it.

Lastly, make sure that your volunteer links and sign-up forms stand out and are easy to work with to make the registration process better for visitors.

2. Contact Details

You should anticipate that your website’s visitors will come from different age groups and have different educational attainment and tech-savviness. That said, you must provide them with as many contact details as you can.

Older people may find reaching you by phone more convenient, while younger ones may prefer to contact you through Facebook or other social media platforms. It’s a great idea to provide them with various contact options that they can choose from.

Don’t give your potential consumers a difficult time reaching you; instead, take that extra step to make yourself more available to them.

3. Exclusive Content or Benefits

Although there are genuinely well-meaning donors or members who join out of their selfless desire to help your cause, some content and benefits exclusively created for them will still go a long way.

It’s a good idea to give your members a list of membership perks and benefits that they can now enjoy. You can also write articles or reports on beneficiary demographics, or hold events that are meant just for them.

Managing all of these will be much easier with the use of a donor or membership CRM. Furthermore, you can customize it so that you can limit access to particular posts or events.

4. Updated Blog Section

Another key feature that can make your nonprofit website fly is an updated blog section. While you create content meant for registered members, it will also help to create articles that will go up on your website for all visitors to see.

It can provide updates about existing programs or showcase moving stories about the organization’s recipients to inspire more people to give. Moreover, it can also help improve your SEO to do so, thus making your website even more accessible to the general public.

5. Mobile Responsive Design

Visitors use various devices to access your nonprofit website. Considering this, you must switch to a mobile responsive design as soon as possible, so that your website can automatically adjust its layout and size regardless of what device they’re using.

This is important, especially if you have forms that you want visitors to fill out. A mobile responsive design ensures that these forms will be properly displayed on different screens to allow interested individuals to donate quickly and easily.


Designing a non-profit website is a lot like designing websites for profitable companies. It’s a smart idea to include pages and features that recognize your benefactors’ contributions, as these encourage more people to join you. Including the five features specified above can help you get on your way to building a successful site in no time.

Envision WC is a small but passionate team that specializes in nonprofit web design near Westchester. If you need help in building customized and mobile-friendly websites for your non-profit organization, get in touch with us and let us help you achieve your goals!

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