6 Easy Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Getting donations as a nonprofit has changed a lot over the years; it has become easier and better for donors to give online. For that reasons nonprofits hoping to get a upper hand and stand out will have to have a better and stronger online presence. in this article you will learn a few basics Digital Marketing strategies your nonprofit organization should have or be doing to increase your online presence.

Many nonprofits have implement some or all of these digital marketing techniques and have seen enormous boost in their donor contribution ; but many are not taking advantage of the benefits that these methods can bring and have fallen victim to low donor conversions even though they are supporting a good cause.

Many nonprofit organization believes that just having a good message is enough to draw in donors and that they don't have to do any digital marketing to draw in new donors. However that is the biggest mistake any organization can make.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the best ways you can reach your potential donors and keep your current supporters engaged. It works whether your goal is to boost your newsletter subscribers, update supporter and volunteers on current events, or just launching a fundraising campaign. It is one of the least expensive and most effective way to get these done.

An important thing to note about email marketing is that your content and presentation must be engaging. An email consisting of long drawn out text and bad imagery can hurt your efforts.

Pro Tip: Try to send two but no more than four emails per month - always include a Call to action (CTA)! Many organizations don't do this which is crazy.

A good solution for getting a proper email marketing campaign started is MailChimp , This is an email marketing platform that makes it easy to format and structure your newsletters for maximum impact.

Social Media

Social Media has changed the rules of the game - and mostly for the better. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have become great tools for nonprofits because they make it easy to share all sorts of content. Also with just a few lines of code, social sharing buttons can be added to your website and emails. Why is this Important you may ask? The more people that follow you, the more you will see your donations increase.

Donation Pages

All nonprofits should have a donation page and it should be easily found, clear and to the point. Donors don't have the time or patience to have to go through long paragraphs of information and instructions. You want the donation experience to be very easy and to the point as easy as shopping on amazon.

Pro tip: Make sure to include and recurring donation option - this will allow people who want to commit to smaller amounts on a monthly basis to do so. This is great because while the donor may not notice the extra $5 or $10 out of their budget every month, over time your nonprofit will. Giving supporters this option helps to keep them connected to your organization over a longer term.

Make it as easy as possible for others to share your donation page with their friends and family and their social networks.


When it comes on to a digital marketing strategy content is key. The more content you put out there, the more your organization will be seen as having something to say. This requires creating informative articles, great digital resources and awesome fact sheets on a regular basis. Your organization has to be able to demonstrate that it knows what it is doing, That it is a great source of information about its particular cause, and that your organization gets results. Any donor with and interest in your cause will want to support you.

Your content has to be of a certain quality. You have to make sure your content is concise and professionally made. Great imagery is also a great way to break up your content; Images that are highlights of the organizations activities the best ones to use, you can also use ones that show the places and people you have been impacting.

Your ultimate goal is to tell the story of your organization and how it does good in the world. When told in a great way, Others will want to be a part of that story.

Pro-tip: Make sure your content is optimized for mobile.

Supporter Engagement

Golden Rule: Don't ever forget to say "Thank You."

Acknowledging all donations increase the likelihood of receiving a followup donations from your supporters.

Pro-tip: When you thank your donors you should ask them to share the fact that they supported you via social media. Most people will be happy to do that, and this will widen your reach into your donors circle.

Also creating automated email responses will reduce the amount of work required for you to do.


Your organization should have a strong website , one that is clear and easy to navigate.

There are a number of things you can do to your website that will maximize your organizations lead generation and recurring donor revenue. For example: a simple popup form on your website is a great way to have people sign up for your organizations newsletter and also can be used to collect contact info of people who could end up becoming donors in the future.

Below you can find an eBook we offer to all our website visitors about 5 simple changes they can make in the next 7 days to increase engagement on their website.

By putting action to all the above mentioned nonprofit digital marketing strategies , your organization will be on its way to improving its chances of securing new and recurring donor support. Those donors will also be more receptive about hearing about your most recent successes and activities. They will also be more inclined to share your content via social media because you have acknowledge their support and this will make them remember you the next time they feel like making a donation.

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