6 Factors to Consider in Your Church Website Design

Your church’s website is more than just a place your congregants check to get updates, especially during this time of self-isolation and lockdowns. It is also a reflection of your church’s personality and your means to quickly reach out to seekers.

Considering all of these, having a good website for your church is instrumental in helping you fulfill and improve your ministry in this digital age. When you are trying to enhance your website, you may have to seek help from friends or consider using affordable web development services. Nevertheless, it’s a smart move to know the basics of what constitutes a good website design.

In this article, we will share with you six factors to consider in your church web design:

1. Aside from regular attendees, expect new visitors

While it is a given that your regular attendees visit your website regularly, remember that your website is accessible by new visitors as well.

Your site is a platform you can use to reach out to more people. Considering this, it is a good practice to add features and content suited for people who are interested in attending your services, such as adding a whole page for new visitors.

2. Make sure you include your church’s contact information

Aside from having a page dedicated to new visitors, make sure to have a page containing your church’s contact information, and make sure that it is easily accessible. Once new visitors land on your website, the next step is to encourage them to join your physical worship or reach out to the staff or pastors.

Having your contact information where it is easily seen is beneficial for both new and returning visitors. This will allow them to quickly contact the interested persons if they have any questions.

3. Branding is important for church web designs

A consistent look and style for your church’s website will make it look neat and professional. The usual choice is to stick with two to three colors and use font styles that are readable and be consistent with it. 

If it helps, you can also add multimedia to your website. You may consider including a slideshow of pictures taken during your physical worship, community service, or other youth activities, to give visitors an idea of what your church culture is like.

4. Make videos of your Sunday worship available on your website

Aside from pictures, consider adding videos of your weekly sermons to your website as well. With this, regular attendees are able to replay a favorite sermon, and interested visitors can get an idea of your worship and sermon style before they decide to attend physical worship.

Another idea worth exploring is live streaming sermons. As you do this, however, make sure that there are no interruptive advertisements on your website, and that you have a fast Internet connection so that the broadcast feed comes to them continuously.

5. Consider your mobile users

Websites are usually optimized for desktop users, but in most recent years, more people are accessing the Internet using phones and tablets. As you create your website, check if it works and displays well on these devices as well. If you do not have the expertise to pull this off, you can work with a web developer to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly.

6. Include a calendar of your church’s activities

A good website supplies its visitors with adequate information. This is why your website must have up-to-date details about your church’s services and activities, and they should be easily accessible as well.

If you want to promote your services on special occasions, such as Christmas, it helps to create content about it on your website. When properly optimized, your content will be able to reach people in your locality who are searching for Christmas services online.


Your website is your church’s face on the Internet. If you want to use it to improve your outreach ministry and reel in more people given the new normal of today’s living, you should put more time and effort into your website. As a result, you might even see your church attendance grow!

If you are looking for experts who can help you with your church web design in Westchester , we have got your back - we will assist you in enhancing the design of your website and also in your search engine optimization efforts to increase your reach!

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