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There are inevitable website mistakes that make or break the success of your site's performance. Because of that, most website owners must avoid these blunders with their content. Here are five website mistakes revealed during content audits.

1) Confusing call-to-action

One of the biggest mistakes that a website owner can do with their website is to have a confusing call-to-action (CTA). The quality of your content becomes useless if you have a CTA that does not do its purpose. Most people forget to put effort into their CTAs, reasoning that they are not e-commerce sites. However, that is flawed logic with a lot of loopholes.

The goal of a CTA is to lead your visitor into doing the next step that you want them to take. If your website does not have a highly converting CTA, your production of multiple quality content will go down the drain undoubtedly.

2) Limited content in some areas of the funnel

One crucial aspect of optimizing a sales funnel is to pinpoint areas that need improvement. In essence, this can be anywhere in the awareness, reflection, buying, or retention stage. According to content audits, people tend to focus on other parts of the funnel, then haphazardly finish the rest. That is a marketing mistake because people can develop objections anywhere along the marketing funnel.

3) Poorly strategized display of testimonials

If you are not a famous brand in your industry, the testimonial section on your website tends to be less credible compared to the reviews of your services from famous review sites like Yelp.

You may have to ditch the dedicated testimonial section. Instead, you should put reviews on appropriate pages. For example, if you received testimonials from a customer regarding your fast shipment, you can copy it on your shipment page. Similarly, if a person likes a particular product, you should highlight that on that specific product page. If you do this successfully, you can dispel any objections that arise in the customers' minds as they go through your funnel.

4) No relevant local content

If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you must publish relevant local content. After all, most of your customers are locals. You can lead them to your website through SEO when they are searching for a product or service that you happen to offer.

5) Price reveals after reaching out

Another common mistake that most companies make on their website is not putting respective prices on products or services, especially if they are expensive. The general trend for this process flow requires the visitor to initiate an email or a call to know your pricing information. Most businesses do so because they think that putting a price on their website deters customers from considering their services. On the contrary, it does the opposite. Some prospects get annoyed when you omit the price details because you might waste their time if you ended up in a price range beyond their budget.


Remember that it is critical to study and understand what makes a website perform better than others. Even when most people do a certain practice does not mean that it is correct and effective. A lot of the most common website mistakes mentioned above are standard practices of most small business owners on their website.

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