Going Digital _ 3 Steps Your Church Can Take to Make the Move

Today, with more people and organizations going digital, churches must also leverage technology to remain visible and further their reach. To add to the urgency of it, physical worship and gatherings at churches have dwindled recently due to the restrictions necessitated by the ongoing global health crisis.

This is where digital media becomes helpful. Churches can use this to prevent the further decrease of churchgoers and to keep spurring on believers to carry on in their faith. After all, the current times can be distressing, and people need hope and inspiration to carry on.

If your church is interested in leveraging online media to promote your religious zeal and bring the Good News to more people, you can get started through these three simple steps.

1. Identify Your Goals

Before you venture into any online channel or make any action, it’s a smart move to identify your goals first. List the things you hope to achieve or the problems that you want to address. Moreover, determine your long-term goals and, from there, identify the short-term solutions that can help you achieve them.

Try to be as specific as possible. For example, one of your goals may be to widen your reach. To properly formulate this goal, you must first have an idea of how many people you are currently able to appeal to. The next step is to then determine the increase you want to achieve in relation to what you already have.

Gather important figures and statistics about your current performance as you list down your goals. This can help you come up with an effective strategy later on.

2. Create a Strategy

Now that you have your goals and a clearer picture of your starting point, the next thing you have to do is create plans to achieve these goals. There are many channels you can choose from, but you must determine which one will work best for your church and congregation.

If you decide to use two channels—Facebook and Instagram, for example—it’s a smart move to ask some of your churchgoers to help you in managing these pages. Moreover, you can arrange weekly or monthly meetings with them to check on the progress, as well as discuss new ideas you can try out to further your influence.

3. Communicate with Your Audience

After you have all the plans in place and you’re ready to go digital, always keep in mind that one of your primary responsibilities is to connect with your audience, which are the people in your church.

For you to be able to communicate with them effectively, you must take the time to understand their needs and interests. Share content that they can relate to, and if they engage with your posts, make sure to reply to them promptly to keep the conversation going. People are naturally inclined to interact with pages on social media that are visibly active.


Going digital to promote your church involves a lot of work. As effective as it may be, you must also tread the virtual space with caution, as your profile will say a lot about your church. Nevertheless, it’s an innovative way to overcome physical distances and global crises, such as the one we’re living in now, and to continue being the light of the world that you are called to become.

If you need help with your church web design in Putnam Valley, NY , we have got you covered! We work with churches and non-profit organizations and help them achieve their goals. Get in touch with us to learn how we can do the same for you!

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