Our Guide on How to Market a Non-Profit Organization Online

A non-profit organization’s greatest challenge is brand awareness. People are generally not aware of the activities of NGOs, which makes it difficult to gain support for their cause.

To succeed today, non-profits should implement strong, modern marketing strategies. With these, an NGO can become more visible to search engines. This, in turn, could help prospective investors, donors, and volunteers discover their organization.

Using digital marketing for non-profits

Today, NGOs can vastly improve traffic to their site through search engine optimization, which should include efforts through social media. For instance, a group can post on their social page about events and initiatives.

They can ask people to donate or volunteer, share developments on their projects, and urge volunteers or fans to talk about their experiences with the group. Non-profits may also run campaigns that raise awareness about your cause. Here are a few more ways you can use online marketing to drive visitors to your website.

1. Do high-quality link building

Getting quality backlinks involves having your link on higher-ranked websites, or companies with greater audiences. Online sites of local news outlets are your best bet for this—they often cover non-profit organizations and the causes they support.

Marketing for non-profit companies also involves collaborations with corporate partners or other organizations. Make sure businesses, schools, museums, or other institutions with whom you launch an initiative feature your link in stories about the partnership.

2. Produce relevant content

People love a good story, so tell one. Give people a reason for supporting your organization by providing your vision and mission. You should show why you stand for a certain cause, so people can feel invested in your efforts. Sharing stories about your challenges and, more importantly, your successes, will also be helpful in building a relatable narrative.

When making your stories, do not forget to use keywords. It is important for you to relate with your audience, but it is equally important that Google displays your posts in relevant searches. Use Google Trends or similar keyword finders to determine the types of questions or phrases your target audience researches.

3. Make copy ‘readable’ for algorithms

Make sure that your primary keywords are part of page titles, tags, subtitles, and meta descriptions. You should also replace the titles of images with related keywords. This practice allows you to be more visible to search engine crawlers, and it helps them index your website accurately.

4. Aim for local relevance

Volunteers keep a non-profit running, and you would want to get as many of them on board as possible. When people in your area search for NGOs near them, you should appear as one of the options for volunteering. This will only happen if you optimize for local search.

One thing you can do is make a Google My Business listing. It can help you rank well in local organic searches. If someone in your area types your keywords or your business name, they should see your contact details and links to your website and social pages.

You should also register your business on local online directories on Google Maps. Having your contact details on these platforms lets people find your physical locations easily.


Marketing for non-profit organizations will be easier when you incorporate digital strategies. If you advertise online, you can reach more volunteers, build the groundwork for future campaigns, and get more people interested in your cause.

NGOs looking to get started with marketing online should team up with a company that knows the unique challenges of non-profits, like Envision WC. We work out of Westchester, NY, and specialize in digital marketing for non-profits. Get in touch with us for more information!

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